VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The VP-ITC system is an ultrasensitive isothermal titration calorimeter designed for ease-of-use.  All functions are operated through software to minimize operator involvement and facilitate fast and accurate analyses without the need for expertise in thermodynamics.


  • Characterization of molecular interactions of small molecules, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, lipids and other biomolecules.
  • Lead optimization.
  • Enzyme kinetics.
  • Assessment of the effect of molecular structure changes on binding mechanisms.
  • Assessment of biological activity.

VP-ITC features:

  • Active cell volume ~ 1.4 ml.
  • Non-reactive Hastelloy® cells for excellent chemical resistance.
  • Fixed-in-place cells for reproducible ultrasensitive performance with low maintenance.
  • Precision liquid delivery system for accurate and reproducible injections.
  • User-selectable mixing speeds to match sample conditions.
  • Three user selectable response times for application versatility.  
  • Operating temperature range of 2ºC to 80ºC.
  • Peltier controlled for rapid temperature equilibration.
  • Includes ThermoVac® sample preparation and cleaning device.

Contact information:

        Please contact ITC specialist Alan Situ(asitu@usc.edu) in Dr. Tobias Ulmer lab for more information.