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Irish School of Ecumenics in Dublin

Program Site: Trinity College Dublin's Irish School of Ecumenics (ISE) at the Dublin campus

Eligibility: 3.3 cumulative USC GPA; must have completed two years of college/university before start of program.  

Description: Dublin is a city rich in culture and history. Ireland's capital and largest city is the man gateway to the country. Dublin offers students access to world-class museums and entertaiment, but the real treasure of the city is Dubliners themselves who are friendlier, more easy-going and more welcoming than in perhaps any other European capital. The city is constantly abuzz with happenings as well; there is never a shortage of things to do. 

Academics: The semester abroad program at the Irish School of Ecumenics is interdisciplinary and suitable for students with a variety of majors and minors, including Political Science, International Relations, Religion, Sociology, and Anthropology. At the ISE, students are immersed in a cutting-edge program of study that examines the causes and consequences of war and armed conflict, with a view to understanding how to achieve sustainable peace. Courses draw on perspectives from politics and political science, international relations, ethics and conflict resolution, allowing students to engage critically with the social, political and economic issues associated with peace and violence.

Course load and Credit: Students take three courses for a total of 15 USC units:

  • EM2303 Engaging Religious Fundamentalism
  • EM2301 Gender, War and Peace
  • EM2302 Religion and International Relations

Activities and Other Program Features: The program includes several field trips and conflict resolution workshops in Ireland. There is an optional trip to Geneva in May. Students can also choose from a wide variety of sports and social clubs offered by the Trinity Student’s Union.

Accommodations: Students live in Trinity College accommodations about 4km from campus. The housing is self-catered and students cook their own meals.

Dates: Spring only; early January to early May.

Estimated Semester Cost:
Additional Expenses*............$15,765

Cost Updated: 1/7/15
Text Updated: 1/9/15

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for airfare, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student). USC financial aid, scholarships, and tuition remission may be applied to program costs. Please visit the Office of Overseas Studies for more detailed cost information.

Irish School of Ecumenics
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