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 Southern California Review, Vol. VIII (2015). Includes fiction by Lisa Alexander, Mark Broeske, Robert Faus, Janet Fitch, Vera Kurian; Nonfiction by Alan Barstow, Katharine Coldiron, Judith Freeman; Poetry by Paul Bone, Clayton Clark, Jonathan Greenhause, Ivan Hobson, David Lehman, David Moolten, Jenny Morse, David Wagoner; Stageplays by Julia Cho, Brighde Mullins; Interview with Bernard Cooper; Artwork by Anthony Conover and Bernard Cooper; Edited by Lauren Gorski and Mellinda Hensley.


Southern California Review, Vol. VII (2014).Includes fiction by Amy Boulanger, John Brantingham, Dave Hunter, Dana Johnson, Joseph Rathgeber, Susan Levi Wallach; poetry by Tony Barnstone, Kevin Craft, Dante Di Stefano, Bill Glose, John Grey, Sarah Nelson, James F. Sargent, Ralph Sneeden, Sarah Steinke, Sarah Wainscott; nonfiction by Catina Bacote, Tony Barnstone, Lynell George; drama by Jennifer Maisel and Rebecca Gorman O'Neill; an interview with Susan Orlean; comics by M.G. Lord, D.C. Simpson, and Veronica Vera; poetry by young writers from WriteGirl, Gabrielle Gorman and Kira Lazzarini. Edited by Channing Sargent and Sharif Shakhshir.


Southern California Review, Volume VI (2013).  Includes fiction by Trinie Dalton, Diana Wagman, Jesse Hassenger, Ilya Leybovich, Erika Wurth, Jonathan Danielson, and John Teresi; poetry by Amy Gerstler, Nan Cohen, David Starkey, Ryan Ridge, Ian Berry, and Ace Boggess; nonfiction by Brenda Miller, Emily Rapp, Sven Birkerts, and Graeme Mullen; a one-act stage play by Jon Robin Baitz; and work by students from 826LA.



Southern California Review, Volume V (2012). Includes fiction by Alex Espinoza, Mariah Robbins, Manjula Stokes, and Maury Zeff; poetry by Killarney Clary, Jennifer L. Knox, David Lehman, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, James Magorian, Jeffrey McDaniel, Mark Richard, Sapphire, David St. John, and Mark Wunderlich; nonfiction by Matthew Baldwin, Kate Carroll de Gutes, and Janet Freeman; drama by Dorothy Fortenberry and Kory King; interview with Denis Johnson by Elizabeth Inglese; artwork by Tom Haubrick.


Southern California Review, Volume IV (2011). Includes fiction by Vanessa Hemingway, Sandra Bass, and Rob Roberge; poetry by Susan Richardson, Kathleen Spivack, Tom Chandler, Antoinette Constable, and David Wagoner; nonfiction by Eliese Goldbach and Sarah Lowe; drama by Jay Guevarra; interviews with Rob Roberge, Tom Chandler, Shelley Berman, and Jay Guevarra by Breene Murphy, Elizabeth Inglese, Orly Minazad, and Josh Jacobson, respectively; photographs by Wes Kawachi and Brandon Nicholas; comics by Sam Laughlin; and 22nd Annual Ann Stanford Poetry Prize Winners Natalie Giarratano, Elisa Pulido, and Christina Hutchins (judged by Lynn Thompson).

Southern California Review, Volume III (2010). Includes fiction by T.L. Crum and Bruce Tallerman; poetry by D.A. Powell, Cassie Schmitz, Donna Pucciani, Sally Molini, Lucia Perilla, Stephanie Mendel, Andrea Scarpino, Cathy Capozzoli, and Melani Maier; nonfiction by Shoba Narayan; drama by Katrina Spencer; interviews with Ron Carlson and Shoba Narayan; comics by Sam Laughlin; 2010 MPW Writing for Stage and Screen Festival Winner Marlene Leach; and 2nd Annual SCR Fiction Prize Winners Gary Groner, Lauren Cobb, and Peter Grimes (judged by Judith Freeman).

Southern California Review, Volume II, Number 2 (Fall 2009). Includes fiction by Marie Argeris, Rachel Chalmers, Karen Embry, and Laura White Schuett; poetry by Richard Boada, Cynthia Carmichael, Melody S. Gee, Suzanne Levine, James Scannell McCormick, Andrea Scarpino, and Charles Harper Webb; nonfiction by Roberta Anthes, Lynne Huffer, and Diana Mott; an interview with Danzy Senna by Danielle Lenglet; MPW One-Act Festival Winner Matt Cunningham; and 21st Annual Ann Stanford Poetry Prize Winners Debbie Benson, Elisabeth Murawski, and Kelly Madigan Erlandson (judged by Karen Harryman).

Southern California Review, Volume II, Number 1 (Spring 2009). Includes work by Rosaleen Bertolino, Stephanie Dickinson, Aaron Feaver, Barry A. Fisher, John Matthew Fox, Raoul Gatepin, Joe Gilbert, Marc Gold, Melody Chan Graves, Seth Greenland, Jean Kristen Hedgecock, Kathleen Hellen, Michele Lesko, Gerald Locklin, Hayden Manuel, Donna M. Marbach, P.T. McNiff, Ludmilla Morais, Florence Murry, Andrea O’Brien, Gregory W. Randall, Ross Reyes, Dom Sagolla, Stephen Silke, Jay Todd, Luis Torres, and Susan C. Weber.


Southern California Review, Volume I, Number 2 (Fall 2008). Includes work by Colleen Abel, Steve Almond, Maggie Andersen, Marilyn Annucci, Patrick Carrington, Kelly Madigan Erlandson, David Francis, Erik Gleibermann, Chad Greene, LewEllyn Hallet, Donnell Dwayne Jones, Richard Lange, Anthony McCann, Mark Niu, Stacia Saint Owens, Saïdeh Pakravan, Ruben Quesada, Liz Robbins, Laurie Stone, and Tom Whalen.



Southern California Review, Volume I, Number 1 (Spring 2008). Includes work by Bonnie Louise Barrett, Paula Brancato, Christopher Buckley, Michael Buckley, Nathan Englander, Gary Fincke, Richard Foerster, John Fox, CB Follett, Judith Freeman, Jennifer Jean, Leonard Kress, Moira Magneson, Elisabeth Murawski, Daniel Polikoff, Susanna Rich, and Kristina Sisco Romero.



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