Entertainment Industry and Publishing Industry Internships

PUBLIC DOMAIN SOURCE: from discovering voice and honing craft, another essential way that many MPW students contribute to establishing a career as a working writer is by sharpening their understanding of the business and the realities of the marketplace. In order to supplement MPW students' academic experience and to take advantage of their proximity to L.A.’s entertainment and publishing industries, MPW helps students find and secure internships at different types of media and publishing companies throughout the Los Angeles area—which gives students the opportunity to help fulfill creative demands and experience the day-to-day realities at companies around town.

Since most internships require students to receive college credit, MPW has created corresponding courses (Internship: Writers in the Field–The Business of Show Business and Internship: Writers in the Field–Publishing) so that students can meet periodically during the semester to reflect upon their experiences and study the business side of being a writer. Students are challenged to consider the ever-present issue of art vs. commerce in the context of their own work, which adds a new dimension to their writing and helps define and refine career goals.

Current and past students have interned at Comedy Central, Conan, Focus Features, The Montecito Picture Company, Renfield Productions, Reveille Productions, the Syfy channel, Teddy Zee Productions, and Vanity Fair, among many others.

Creative Pedagogy Internships

Many MPW students would like to have the experience of teaching to discover if that's the right path for them as a working writer. For those students who are indeed interested in developing a teaching resume, the PEN in the Classroom program—which has placed MPW students in high schools to teach creative writing—is a great launching pad. These internships come with a stipend.

MPW enjoys a very cordial relationship with PEN Center USA (see our Resources page for more info), the writers' advocacy organization that runs the program. Application information is available here, and MPW faculty can provide additional assistance.



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