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Moral Education

Though we might agree that it is a good idea to “teach ethics” to our students, it is clear neither what sort of moral education is appropriate for college students, nor how we should go about teaching ethics.  How, then, should we introduce this subject matter in our classrooms?  

In some cases the answer is simple: giving students opportunities to think through ethical dilemmas appears to result in continual moral maturity along generally accepted metrics.  But improved moral maturity does not guarantee morally better action.  Neither does the simple correlation between moral deliberation and increased moral maturity tell us much about how to actually get students to engage in moral deliberation in a classroom setting.  

The articles in this section focus on the practical and theoretical issues that arise in the course of teaching ethics.  These include:

  • The goals we should strive for in moral education
  • Whether certain moral education practices are effective
  • How ethics lessons and models might be taught
  • How to use what we know about the psychological processes of moral development to improve moral education.

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