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The MLS Writing Module

Writing is at the core of interdisciplinary studies, of lifelong learning, and of intellectual engagement. The MLS Writing Module seeks to enrich the MLS student educational experience by helping to develop each student's writing skills across a range of interdisciplinary studies throughout the program.  The goal is for each student to develop the capacity to critically assess and resourcefully re-imagine work as a writer of many different kinds of critical and creative projects.

The specific aims of the Writing Module are:

  • Ÿto provide individual writing and research support in each course and at every stage of the program;
  • Ÿto provide supportive and critical feedback about communicating ideas to a reading audience;
  • Ÿto introduce revision strategies that can improve the clarity of writing and to assist in implementing those strategies; and
  • Ÿto facilitate the development of writing partnerships between MLS students that allow for the continuation of writing support beyond the classroom.

Each semester, MLS students meet with a writing instructor in individual and small group sessions.  The MLS writing instructor is a coach who works with the course faculty to determine the best ways to enhance the writing objectives of each course. 

As part of the MLS Writing Module, students maintain an e-portfolio of their written work as they progress through the program.  The e-portfolio represents each student's progress and accomplishments and provides the basis for an ongoing conversation with the program director and faculty about student experiences in the program.

MLS Writing Instructor

Dr. Michael Bunn is the MLS Writing Coordinator.  Mike earned a joint Ph.D. in English & Education from the University of Michigan and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is a full-time faculty member in the University of Southern California Writing Program and has previously taught courses on literature, composition, creative writing, professional writing, and cultural studies.  


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