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Michael Nettis-Benstock

Name: Michael Nettis-Benstock

Major: Psychology, minor in Cinematic Arts

Class Level: Junior

Research Interest Areas: Psychology, Cinematic Arts

Coursework or Previous Experience:PSYC 274 (Statistics), PSYC 314 (Experimental Research Methods), PSYC 355 (Social Psychology), PSYC 360 (Abnormal Psychology), CORE 111 and 112 (Honors Writing), CTCS 190 (Intro To Cinema), CTWR 404 (Foundations of Comedy), CTWR 412 (Intro to Screenwriting) + In Progress: PSYC 316 (Non-Experimental Research Methods), PSYC 463 (Criminal Behavior), PSYC 465 (Forensic Psychology), CTCS 469 (Film Style Analysis)

If you would like to contact Michael, please email