Other Middle Eastern Languages at USC

We offer occasional courses in other Middle Eastern languages.

Our course MDES 461: Topics in Ancient Iranian Languages and Cultures introduces one or more different ancient languages of Iran each time. Learn to read ancient manuscripts and inscriptions of Iran and Mesopotamia in the original. Repeat the course for credit learning a new language each time. In Spring of 2013, we offered Avestan, the language of the Zoroastrian scriptures (see a sample to the right).

In the past we have offered a year-long course in Syriac, the most extensively attested dialect of Aramaic, the common language of the Middle East in classical antiquity.

Let us know what Middle Eastern languages you would like to learn. We will try to find ways to connect you with the resources. Express student interest may generate new courses.

Interested in another Middle Eastern language?

Contact the Middle East Program Director for more details.

Avestan, offered in Spring 2013

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