Study Arabic at USC

Arabic is one of the most important languages in the world.

  • the official language of twenty-six countries

  • the first language of nearly 300 million native speakers

  • one of the six international languages of the United Nations

  • the language of the Qur’an and Muslim prayer, used by more than a billion people in worship

  • in the Middle Ages, the most widespread language of scholarship, philosophy, and science in the world

  • the living medium of a vibrant and constantly developing modern literature

Arabic provides opportunities for research and communication from NW Africa to Iraq and the Persian Gulf and beyond.

We offer a three-year (six semester) sequence of Arabic courses as well as modular courses in colloquial Arabic dialects, media Arabic, and classical Arabic.

Already speak some Arabic?

Want to be more fluent and more literate? We place heritage learners like you in our higher-level classes. To find out more, contact the Arabic language coordinator, Sozan Wali.

Spring 2015 Arabic Courses

ARAB 122: Arabic I

ARAB 152: Arabic II

ARAB 222: Arabic III

ARAB 252: Arabic IV

ARAB 322: Advanced Arabic I

ARAB 334: Media Arabic


Global Explorations for USC Dornsife Undergrads

Global Explorations for USC Dornsife Undergrads

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