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BuzzFeed Politics Writer Is Fired Over Plagiarism
July 26, 2014

After firing Benny Johnson, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief posted an apology, citing 41 articles that contained copied sentences…

On What Makes One a Reporter in a Digital Age
July 26, 2014

The rise of digital media has obliterated established definitions for reporters, and a Texas Ethics Commission case raises…

Sketched Out on the Subway
July 26, 2014

You lookin’ to draw me?

Plagiarism Charges
July 24, 2014

A reader says that one ethical lapse, if that’s all there is, should not ruin Senator John Walsh’s career.

Gov. Cuomo’s Broken Promises
July 23, 2014

The governor of New York created an independent commission to root out corruption in Albany, but he blocked investigations of…

USC Levan Institute: Online Ethics Resource Center

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