Research: Analysis and Differential Equations

The analysis/differential equations group conducts research in theory and applications of ordinary and partial differential equations and dynamical systems. The areas of research include:
- differential equations (ODEs and PDEs)
- difference equations
- dynamical systems
- ergodic theory
- fluid dynamics
- functional analysis
- long time behavior of dynamical systems
- modeling in mathematical biology
- nonlinear PDEs and applications
- stochastic ODEs and PDEs

Tenured and tenure-track faculty:
  • Bruck, Ronald E. (nonlinear functional analysis, ergodic theory)
  • Friedlander, Susan (fluid mechanics and partial differential equations)
  • Haydn, Nicolai (dynamical systems, ergodic theory)
  • Kukavica, Igor (partial differential equations, nonlinear dynamics, fluid dynamics)
  • Sacker, Robert (ordinary differential equations, difference equations, infinite dimensional dynamical systems, applied mathematics, mathematical biology)
  • Vorel, Zdenek (functional analysis)
  • Ziane, Mohammed (partial differential equations, geophysical dynamics, Navier-Stokes equations, stochastic partial differential equations)
Other faculty with interests in analysis/differential equations:
Postdoctoral associates:
  • Gupta, Chinmaya (dynamical systems)
  • Rusin, Walter (PDEs)
Graduate students:
  • Garcia-Torres, Selenna (dynamical systems)
  • Ignatova, Mihaela (PDEs)
  • Ko, Milton (dynamical systems)
  • Ostrovskii, Vitalii (vortex dynamics)
  • Pei, Yuan (PDEs)
  • Reis, Ednei (PDEs)
  • Wasilewska, Katarzyna (dynamical systems)
  • Xu, Fei (dynamical systems)