Algebra at USC is very broadly conceived. The expertise of the faculty covers a broad swathe of the field, including group theory, Hopf algebras, representation theory, homological methods, aspects of abstract algebraic geometry, arithmetic algebraic geometry, and algebraic methods of mathematical physics.

Post Docs and Visitors
Current Graduate Students
  • Chebotarov, Dmytro (advisor Malikov)
  • Bilal, Taylan (advisor Friedlander)
  • Cheung, Matthew (advisor Kamienny)
  • Courter, Rebecca (advisor Montgomery)
  • Ericksen, Adam (advisor Asok)
  • Pavelescu, Andrei (advisor Guralnick)
  • Sobaje, Paul (advisor Friedlander)
  • Timmer, Joe (advisor Friedlander)
  • Zhong, Changlong (advisor Geisser)
Recent Ph.D.'s Awarded with Thesis Title
  • Keilberg, Marc, 2010 ``Higher indicators for some groups and their doubles"
  • Chu, Chenghao, 2008 (Northwestern) ``Representing Cohomology Theories
  • in the Triangulated Category of Motives''
  • DiMuro, Joseph, 2008 ``On Prime Power Elements of GL_d(q) Acting
    Irreducibly on Large Subspaces''
  • Guest, Simon, 2008 ``A Solvable Version of the Baer-Suzuki Theorem''
  • Jedwab, Andrea, 2008 ``Representations of Finite-Dimensional Hopf
  • Voineagu, Mircea, 2007 (Northwestern) ``Semi-Topological K-Theory of
    Certain Projective Varieties''
  • Han, Yongho, 2006 ``Commuting Triples of Matrices''
  • Heller, Jeremiah, 2006 (Northwestern) ``Semi-Topological Cobordism for
    Complex Varieties''