Algebra at USC is very broadly conceived. The expertise of the faculty covers a broad swathe of the field, including group theory, Hopf algebras, representation theory, homological methods, aspects of abstract algebraic geometry, arithmetic algebraic geometry, algebraic K-theory, and algebraic methods of mathematical physics.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Assaf, Sami (Algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial representation theory, algebraic geometry, probability)
  • Asok, Aravind (Algebraic Geometry)
  • Friedlander, Eric (Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic K-Theory, representation theory)
  • Guralnick, Robert (Finite and algebraic groups, representation theory, curves, Galois theory, and linear algebra)
  • Kamienny, Sheldon (Arithmetic geometry, modular forms, abelian varieties)
  • Lanski, Charles (Non-commutative ring theory)
  • Lauda, Aaron (Categorification, representation theory, and low-dimensional topology)
  • Malikov, Fedor (Mathematical physics, representation theory)
  • Montgomery, Susan (Non-commutative algebras, Hopf algebras and their representation)
Post-Docs and Visitors
  • Appel, Andrea (Representation theory, quantum groups, classical and quantum integrable systems)
  • Drew, Bradley (Algebraic geometry)
  • Jincheng Dong (Hopf algebras)
  • Murfet, Daniel (Algebraic geometry, topological field theory)
  • Sobaje, Paul (Modular representations of algebraic groups)
  • Guangbin Zhuang (Homological aspects of non-commutative algebra)
Current Graduate Students
  • Abram, Mike (advisor Lauda)
  • Ejder, Oslem (advisor Friedlander)
  • Gerhardt, Spencer (advisor Guralnick)
  • Kantarci, Ezgy (advisor Assaf)
  • Lamberto, Lafitte (advisor Lauda)
  • Newman, Burton (advisor Kamienny)
  • Stone, Amelia (advisor Lauda)
  • Tucker, Henry (advisor Montgomery)
  • Wang, Jian (advisor Kamienny)
  • Warner, Jared (advisor Friedlander)
Recent Ph.D.'s Awarded with Thesis Title
  • Joseph Timmer 2014 "Indicators of bismash products arising from factorizations of the symmetric group"
  • Taylan Bilal 2013 "Computations for bivariant cycle cohomology"
  • Adam Ericksen 2013 "The geometry of motivic spheres"
  • Rebecca Courter 2012 "Computing higher indicators for the double of a symmetric group"
  • Andrei Pavelescu 2012 "On the proportion of derangements in primitive permutation groups"
  • Dmytro Chebotarov 2011 "Classification of transitive vertex algebroids"
  • Paul Sobaje 2011 "Blocks of finite group schemes"
  • Chonglong Zhong 2011 "Comparison of dualizing complexes"
  • Keilberg, Marc, 2010 "Higher indicators for some groups and their doubles"
  • Chu, Chenghao, 2008 (Northwestern) "Representing Cohomology Theories in the Triangulated Category of Motives''
  • DiMuro, Joseph, 2008 "On Prime Power Elements of GL_d(q) Acting Irreducibly on Large Subspaces''
  • Guest, Simon, 2008 "A Solvable Version of the Baer-Suzuki Theorem''
  • Jedwab, Andrea, 2008 "Representations of Finite-Dimensional Hopf Algebras''