Dornsife College Advising

Dornsife College Advising handles routine advisement for declared mathematics majors and minors, such as substitutions and waivers for lower division courses, holding pre-registration advisement meetings to review degree requirements, clearance of advisement holds and producing a course plan for future semesters at USC.

Dornsife College Advising can also assist students who wish to declare a major or minor in Mathematics, or change to a different degree in mathematics.

Declared Mathematics majors or minors who want information regarding upper division or graduate courses in mathematics should see their assigned advisor in the Mathematics Department.

This includes advice on sequencing for upper division mathematics courses, appropriate choices of upper division courses for particular aims and interests and possible substitutions or waivers of degree requirements.

If you are a declared mathematics major or minor and intend to take upper division math courses next semester, you may wish to discuss your plan with your assigned advisor in the Mathematics Department before scheduling a meeting with Dornsife College Advising.


Nicole Valdez, Mathematics Majors

KAP 357

213-740-3800 to contact Nicole or schedule an appointment.


Cynthia Mata Flores, Mathematics Minors

KAP 450-B

213-740-3198 (office)

For appointments call 213-740-3800