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Luna Insight

USC Dornsife has a license for Luna, a storage tool for digitized media that is accessible over the web:

  • Luna is a searchable database that is able to store a variety of image and media file types along with associated metadata. Users can create and store image groups in Luna.

  • Luna users can create presentations from saved groups of images

  • Luna image groups and presentations can be exported to Powerpoint, Keynote or as html (web pages) and web widgets

  • Authorized users can export images for use outside of Luna

  • Content for Luna at USC is directed by faculty needs

Currently the USC Dornsife Luna database is the Art and Architecture Image Collection which contains more than 30,000 images and metadata. Users will also have access to shared content from other institutions such as the David Rumsey Map Collection and the Museum and the Online Archive of California.

USC Dornsife departments and faculty with collections of digitized content are encouraged to contact DTS for inclusion in Luna. Content owners can decide to limit access or allow access to a broader community at USC.






See the collection.



Sample Screen Shots: