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Dornsife College Office of Pre-Health Advisement Letter of Evaluation (LOE) Overview

The Office of Pre-Health Advisement provides a letter of evalutation storage and forwarding service to help streamline the health professional school or graduate school application process. The Office of Pre-Health Advisement stores original letters, then scans them into an online file, and forwards them to the health professional school centralized application service designated by the applicant. All letters submitted to our office become the property of the University of Southern California and will be released to the original author, upon request, or to health professional or graduate programs, upon the applicant’s request.



The cost of using the Office of Pre-Health Advisement LOE Service is a one-time application fee of $30 per cycle (THIS FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE). NOTE: An LOE account and application fee is valid for one application cycle that begins March 15th. The $30 fee entitles students to send letters of evaluation electronically to participating health professional schools on an unlimited basis. Because there are a few health professional school programs that do not accept LOE electronically, our office can forward your LOE through FedEx to those schools. Hardcopy packets are mailed using FedEx Priority Overnight ($15/school) or FedEx International ($30/school).


The Applicant Letter of Evaluation Acknowledgement form must be signed by your recommender and returned to our office by the applicant no later than Friday, April 11, 2014.


Important Deadlines and Information

In an effort to get letters submitted by faculty/recommenders on a timely basis, the Applicant Letter of Evaluation Request Form must be signed by your recommender and returned to our office by the applicant no later than Friday, April 12, 2013. This indicates that the recommender will consider your request to write a letter of evaluation on behalf of the applicant to be submitted to our office by the LOR deadline of Friday, August 1st, 2014. This form can be found below and through your USC LOE service account, as well as in our lobby in FIG 107.

It is your responsibility as an applicant to stress the importance of a prompt letter and to follow up with your recommenders. Tardy letters of evaulation can delay the evaluation of your application indefinitely. NOTE: A completed and signed cover sheet must accompany each letter of evaluation for submission. Please be sure you and your recommender have signed the LOE cover sheet or the LOE will be considered incomplete and will NOT be processed.


Click HERE to print the Applicant Letter of Evaluation Acknowledgement form as well as the cover sheet that must accompany each cover letter.

You are allowed a maximum of six (6) letters in your LOE file.

  • It is strongly recommended that you obtain two (2) LOE from science faculty (Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics)who have taught you in formal lecture courses, seminars, or independent study for credit;
  • One (1) non-science faculty LOE (Major, Minor, or Elective/GE Course); and
  • Additional letters of evaluation (up to 3) are acceptable from health-related opportunities, such as a research, community service, or clinical internship or a summer job in a relevant field, or a significant extracurricular activity.

Specialized programs such as MD/Ph.D. may require specific types of letters. Some health professional schools may require one letter from a professional in that specific field whom you have observed/worked with (e.g., Osteopathic physician (DO), dentist, optometrist, and pharmacist). If you are a transfer student, you may include a letter from a community college instructor, but it is strongly recommended that you also have at least two (2) LOE from USC faculty who have taught you. Please check with individual schools for further information.