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Linguistics really needed its own comic book superhero, so now we've created one.  His name is Gava Guy (based on the word "gavagai" from linguistic concept called "the gavagai problem").  Here are the panels we've got so far, and we're hoping to put up more in the future.  We hope these comics will be fun for you (there are going to be lots of inside jokes for all the linguists out there) and at least somewhat informative if you don't know much about linguistics yet.  If any details of the character's face, costume and color scheme change from one panel to the next, you can just think of it as a minor shapeshifting power if that helps.  [The characters and events depicted herein are fictional, so any resemblance to real persons is to be taken as an in-joke rather than an implication that those persons actually did any of this stuff or any other implication; the comics and characters themselves are the intellectual property of their creator, but the linguistic concepts discussed in them are not.]

Jeremy Giltz ('05)

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