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Law Related Courses

Many courses on campus are useful for pre-law students. Some of which are specifically law-related. These courses are useful to give you an introduction both to the subject matter of the law and to the style of teaching at law school. Keep in mind law schools expect you to get your legal education in law school not during your undergraduate career, therefore it is unwise to take too many law related courses. Some of the courses with specifically law-related content are as follows:

  • ANTH 345

    Politics, Social Organization, and Law : Political and legal systems of primitive societies, social control, and structure.

  • COMM 421

    Legal Communication : Examines laws and regulatory policies shaping new media, especially the Internet; impact of regulation on development and use of communication technology.

  • COMM 422

    Legal Issues and New Media : Examines laws and regulatory policies shaping new media, especially the Internet; impact of regulation on development and use of communication technology.


  • ECON 434

    Economic Analysis of Law : Common law and property; rationing of justice; resource allocation between prevention and enforcement; division of decision making between public and private sectors.

  • FSEM 180

    Ideas on Trial: Great trials in the past have been important indicators of social and cultural attitudes. We'll study some of these trials, usually through actual transcripts, to see how they not only crystallize but help to shape the attitudes regarding the duty of obedience a citizen owes to the state, the conflict between science and religion, the morality of war, and other issues of fundamental concern.  There is a rich variety of such trials to choose from:  the trial of Socrates, the trials of Joan of Arc, the trial of Galileo, the Salem witchcraft trials, the Scopes trial, the Nuremberg trials, the Eichmann trial.  We'll select several to discuss in the course.

  • HIST 265g Racism, Sexism, and the Law

    Study of laws concerning marriage, inheritance, slavery, immigration and the allocation of public space and how they have organized historical constructions of race and sex.

  • JOUR 371

    Censorship and the Law: From Press to Cyberspace : The study of current and historical battles over the limits of free expression from press and public parks to television, movies, music and cyberspace.

  • JOUR 462

    Law of Mass Communication: Press law; government controls on the news media; legal responsibilities of the journalist.

  • LAW 200

    Law and Society: Sources and structure of law; history of Bill of Rights emphasizing effect on criminal justice system; limits of law in solving problems in American society.

  • LAW 201

    Law and Politics: Electing a President : Examination of the rules and realities of American politics, and the role politics plays in American life and culture. Not available for major credit to law students.

  • LAW 300

    Concepts in American Law: The main concepts and topics in American law, in the historical, economic and cultural contexts in which they have developed.

  • LAW 402

    Psychology and Law: Explores issues of responsibility and credibility. Intentional and unintentional behavior. Clinical biases. Topics include witness credibility, confessions, cults, hostages, battered persons, and repressed memories.

  • LAW 403

    Mental Health Law: Issues at the intersection of law and psychology, both civil--e.g. civil commitment--and criminal-e.g. the insanity defense. Emphasis on ethical issues.

  • LAW 404

    Law and Psychology: Examining the Criminal Justice Process : Examination of the capacity of the criminal justice process to produce accurate verdicts. Application of psychological research on witnesses, detectives, suspects, judges and jurors.

  • LAW 444/POSC 444

    Civil and Political Rights and Liberties: An examination of debates and controversies surrounding the nature and scope of civil rights and civil liberties.

  • LING 412

    Linguistic Interpretation of the Law: Principles of semantics; analysis of speech acts including informing, promising, threatening, warning; linguistic analysis of consumer contracts and advertisements; readability studies.

  • LING 450

    New Horizons in Forensic Speaker Identification: Overview of methods used to identify voices on the basis of their characteristic speech patterns.

  • PHIL 140

    Contemporary Moral and Social Issues: Application of philosophical theories in ethics to problems such as racial and sexual discrimination, I.Q., and social justice, rights of animals, law and morality, and privacy.

  • PHIL 430

    Philosophy of Law: The nature of law, legal realism, legal positivism; concepts used in law, such as punishment, responsibility, insanity, negligence, strict liability; law and morality.

  • PHIL 431

    Law, Society, and Politics: A systematic presentation of the main philosophical perspectives on the interactions between law and the social-political aspects of our lives.

  • POSC 130

    Law, Politics, and Public Policy: Interaction between law and politics; overview of the American legal system; value conflicts and public policy questions which arise within it.

  • POSC 270

    Introduction to Environmental Law and Politics : Overview of environmental policy, law and politics at the international, domestic and local levels. Social science gateway to the Environmental Studies major.

  • POSC 340

    Constitutional Law: Development of constitutional law by the courts; leading cases bearing on major constitutional issues; the federal system; powers of government; civil liberties.

  • POSC 347

    Environmental Law: Introduces students to central concepts and theories in environmental law and regulation; analyzes present environmental laws and regulations.

  • POSC 441

    Cultural Diversity and the Law: Jurisprudential approach to the study of cultural differences. Consideration of circumstances under which law should accommodate cultural diversity in the United States and abroad.

  • POSC 443

    Law in Film: Analysis of the depiction of law in film; use of film to explore topics in jurisprudence and the politics of law and courts. Recommended preparation.

  • POSC 452

    Critical Issues in Law and Public Policy: Intensive examination of special topics in the field of law and public policy.

  • WRIT 340

    Advanced Writing for Pre-Law Students