Designer and Project Director

Scott Mahoy has over 10 years experience in the media arts including web design, motion graphics, animation and film/video production and post-production. He is currently the creative director of the Russian Modernism distant learning course being developed by the Labyrinth Project. Drawing upon his extensive experience in design and usability, he is creating an innovative e-learning prototype that immerses the student in a dynamic, multimedia-rich learning environment. Mr. Mahoy’s first collaboration with the Labyrinth project was as lead designer for the Danube Exodus– an interactive video installation which premiered at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Working closely with artist Peter Forgács, Mr. Mahoy designed and produced all the touch-screen interfaces for the exhibition, and edited and created parts of the video installation. Prior to joining the Labyrinth Mr. Mahoy worked with the online company Excite where he oversaw the development of this broadband portal’s video strategy that served over 3 million users. Here he developed and produced several informative video series on technology, science, entertainment, and the arts. Prior to this Mr. Mahoy broadened his skills by developing freelance motion design projects for companies such as Ernst & Young, Sony, CNN, Macy’s. Mr Mahoy received a bachelor of Arts in "Media and Artistic Expression" from Antioch college in Yellow Springs OH.