Origins of Humanity (Anthropology 200g)
This course is a large undergraduate lecture that is the centerpiece of undergraduate teaching in biological anthropology and human evolution at USC.  It is a very popular ‘General Education” course in the College, taught by Drs. Craig Stanford, Ny Yamashita and Roberto Delgado in rotation. 

Evolution (Biological Sciences 510b)
This course is the second half of the first year proseminar for entering IEB doctoral students.  It covers evolutionary principles in detail.  A number of evolutionary biology faculty appear as guest speakers, and we read the textbook Evolutionary Biology, by Douglas Futuyma.

Primate Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (Anthropology 506)
A graduate seminar that examines the current state of the field of primate behavior. We read the primary sources for current answers to the meaning of the evolution of social behavior, feeding ecology and diet, the ecological influences on social structure, male competition and female mate choice, cognition, and the application of information on primate behavior to the reconstruction of behavior in early humans.

Evolution, Ecology and Culture (Anthropology 300)

A course on the biocultural basis for human behavior. We examine humans in an evolutionary light; the continuum from nonhuman to human primate biology; and the interplay between biological and cultural influences on aspects of human life such as diet, health and disease, and religion. This is a core course for majors in Health and Humanity.

Evolution of Human Behavior (Anthropology 308)
An intermediate level undergraduate course, usually enrolling 15-20, that explores the extent to which we can use Darwinian theory in achieving a better understanding of human behavior. Our aim is to critically assess the relevance of the theoretical framework of what is often called "Darwinian anthropology" that has recently been widely applied to human societies. 

Primate Behavior (Anthropology 306)
An undergraduate course, usually enrolling 15-20, surveying the field of behavioral primatology.  Also taught by in rotation by Ny Yamashita.