Beautiful Minds: The Parallel Lives of Apes and Dolphins (by M. Bearzi and C. Stanford). Harvard University Press, 2008

An examination of the convergences of large brainn size and social complexity between the two most cerebral lineages on Earth, the primates and thecetaceans.

Exploring Biological Anthropology: The Essentials (by Stanford, Allen and S. Antón), First edition. Prentice Hall, 2007

A ‘core concepts,’ condensed version of our text book Biological Anthropology.

Biological Anthropology: The Natural History of Humankind (by Stanford, Allen and S. Antón), First edition. Prentice Hall, 2005

An introductory text book about the field of biological anthropology - the scientific study of the human species – our evolutionary origins, human fossils and our primate relatives.  We three authors were once graduate student teaching assistants together at UC Berkeley, and many years later decided to finally write the book that we always wished were available for instructors.

A second edition will appear in early 2008.

Upright. Houghton Mifflin Publ. Co., 2003

An exploration of the evolutionary roots of human posture and movement, and its importance to the emergence of the earliest human ancestors.  I started out writing a review journal article about theories of human origins, and it ended up becoming this book.

Significant Others. Basic Books, 2001

A collection of essays about the field of primate behavior and current debates about human nature.  Some had been published earlier in Natural History and The Sciences magazines, and others were written for the book.

Meat-eating and Human Evolution. Co-edited by C. Stanford and H. Bunn. Oxford University Press, 2001

Following a 1998 conference that Henry Bunn and I organized on meat and the early human diet, we published the conference papers in this volume.

The Hunting Apes. Princeton University Press. 1999

A book about the role of hunting and meat-eating in human ancestry, following from my research on meat-eating by wild chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee and red colobus: the Ecology of Predator and Prey. Harvard University Press, 1998

A monograph about the ecological relationship between chimpanzees and the monkeys they prey upon in Gombe National Park, Tanzania.

The Capped Langur in Bangladesh: Behavioral ecology and reproductive tactics. Contributions to Primatology, volume 26. 1991

This monograph presents a detailed report on the social behaviour and ecology of a previously little known species, the capped langur (presbytis pileata). The author observed capped langurs at Madhupur National Park in Bangladesh, where they live in small one-male groups. This account of his 15-month field study focuses on the relationships among one-male groups and the influence of ecology and seasonal variation in diet upon social behaviour. Collected field data is presented on diet, ranging, leadership, activity patterns and aspects of intra-group and intergroup behaviour, whch are then used to test predictions of traditional ecological models of primate social systems. Features of the capped langur's behaviour and ecology that differ from previously studied colobine monkeys are also described in detail.