Welcome! Bienvenidos! Ni Hao! Willkommen! Konnichiwa! to the Social Behavior Lab

Completed in 2010, the Social Behavior Lab is comprised of over 15 testing rooms with multiple functions and equipment.

"Curiosity killed the cat, but lead to the most aMEOWsing findings!" - Anynomous

With that in mind, below are some real world answers to your hypothetical questions.  If you're still hungry for information, contact the Lab Coordinator!

  • What kind of testing rooms are available?

    There are individual testing rooms, large group rooms, a computer lab, psychophysiology labs, and a conference/seminar room.  For a more detailed description of software and equipment, click on the Room Descriptions tab.

  • What if I have a lab reservation but cannot make it?

    If you need to cancel or reschedule a lab reservation, first make sure you inform your RAs and Participants of the change, then email the Lab Coordinator with the dates and rooms that will no longer need to be reserved.  She will be able to free up the space for others to use.

  • What if I either love rules, hate rules, or just do not want to break rules?

    Then the Forms and Policies tab is where you'll want to click for a look at how we keep the lab running on all four cylinders.

  • How do I get to the Social Behavior Lab?

    For directions to our home on the 8th floor of the USC's Seeley G. Mudd Building, click here.

  • How do I get involved?

    To participate in a study, register with Sona Systems.

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Research Assistant, take a look at what research is going on in the lab by clicking on the Faculty Research. Contact the Lab Coordinator with any questions.

    Note: If you are interested in working with Dr. Wendy Wood, please email Dennis Rünger directly.

  • This place is pretty, and a ton of science happens here, but do I get to feel good about its environmental impact while I'm doing research here?

    For details about sustainability and green construction, click here.

Latest News in the USC Social Psychology Area

Welcome to the Social Behavior Lab Website!

Social Psychology Events

Fall 2015 Social Psychology Brown Bag Speaker Series Events:

All talks will be held on Mondays from 12 to 1 PM in RRI 101 unless otherwise noted.

Please email the coordinator to receive details of the talks.

September 14th         

So Young Choe, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: How Perceived Parental Psychological Control is Related to Adolescent Anger and Aggression 

Lucas Carden, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: To Try or Not to Try: The Willpower Bias Impairs Habit Performance


September 21st         

Dan Simon, Professor of Law and Psychology, USC

Title: Reasoning Backwards and Sideways


September 28th         

Jeff Brantingham, Professor of Anthropology, UCLA             

Title: Is Robocop the Future of Policing?

Introduction: Eric Horowitz


October 5th

Ben Smith, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: Negative Urgency is Related to Risky Sex Behavior Through Insula Activity During Safe Sex Negotiation

Oliver Fisher, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: Development and Validation of an Interpretation of Experienced Ease and Difficulty Scale


October 19th  

John Monterosso, Associate Professor of Psychology, USC

Title: Functional Inconsistency and Self-Control    


October 26th

Pete Meindl, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: Morality: Foundations to Applications      


November 2nd                       

Tessa West, Assistant Professor of Psychology, NYU

Title: Stress Contagion in Dyadic Interactions                 Introduction: David Newman                 


November 9th

Eric Horowitz, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: See it, Be it? When and Why Future Selves Motivate Action                                   

Vita Droutman, Postdoctoral Fellow of Social Psychology, USC

Title: Mindfulness Training May Improve Emotion Regulation in Adolescents


November 16th          

David Newman, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC
Title: Fluency Effects on Meaning in Life Judgments                                                
Kate Johnson, PhD Student of Social Psychology, USC

Title: TBD


November 23rd         

Kayla de la Haye, Assistant Professor of Preventative Medicine, USC

Title: Utilizing Social Networks and Social Systems in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention                             Introduction: Pete Meindl


November 30th          

Feng Xue, Postdoctoral Fellow of Social Psychology, USC

Title: TBD 

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