Resources for Alzheimer's Disease

Buenos Hábitos Alimenticios Para Una Buena Salud (Good Eating Habits for Good Health)

Buenos Hábitos Alimenticios Para Una Buena Salud (Good Eating Habits for Good Health) is class in good nutrition for a healthy heart and for a healthy brain designed as a series of eight lessons. Lessons 1 through 4 may be conducted in one two-hour workshop session and lessons 5 through 8 in a second two-hour workshop session. The facilitator manuals may be downloaded here, including the materials necessary for making posters and participant handouts. The class is available in both Spanish and English. Buenos Hábitos Alimenticios Para Una Buena Salud was developed by Dr. Poorni Otilingam. The development of the program was supported by NIH Grant No. P50 AG005142.

Otilingam, P., & Gatz, M. (2008). Development of a culturally-tailored heart + brain health-focused nutritional educational intervention: Buenos habitos alimenticios para una Buena salud [Abstract]. Journal of Nutrition, Health, & Aging, 12, 425.



Pretest Packet in English

Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Scale

The Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Scale is 30-item, true/false scale takes approximately 5–10 min to complete and covers risk factors, assessment and diagnosis, symptoms, course, life impact, caregiving, and treatment and management. It was developed by Washington University ADRC and USC ADRC.

Carpenter, B.D., Balsis, S., Otilingam, P.G., Hanson, P.K., & Gatz, M. (2009). The Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Scale: Development and psychometric properties. Gerontologist, 49, 236-247.

Fotonovela on Dementia: Recuerdos Olvidados - Forgotten Memories

A Fotonovela on dementia, Recuerdos Olvidados [Forgotten Memories], was developed by University of Southern California Alzheimer Disease Research Center in collaboration with USC’s School of Pharmacy. Each booklet includes both Spanish and English text. The focus of the story is describing early signs of dementia and encouraging families to seek assessment and diagnosis. Information is included about how to contact the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline and the NIH Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center.

Support for the project was provided by the Forest Laboratories Inc., University of Southern California Good Neighbors Campaign, the National Association of Chain Drugstores, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Pfizer Inc., USC Dornsife College, and National Institute on Aging Grants No. P50 AG005142, T32 AG000037, and F31 AG035534.



Copies of the Fotonovela may be requested from Mel Baron, Pharm.D., MPA, USC School of Pharmacy, telephone (323) 442-2686, email Large orders of additional copies can be made at the cost of printing and shipping, with the possibility of including an insert individualized to the site who requests the special printing.

Recuerdos Olvidados

Forgotten Memories