Lab Meetings

In Spring 2016, lab meetings will be held on Mondays (10.30am, Linguistics Reading Room) and Thursdays (4pm, Linguistics Conference Room). Please see below for exact dates.

Spring 2016 lab meeting schedule

Thurs Feb 4

Meeting to discuss mixed-effects modelling (R/lmer)

Monday Feb 8

Mary Byram Washburn: Early and Late Processing of Focus

Thurs Feb 18

Priyanka Biswas: How many are 'many'?

Mon Feb 22

Elsi Kaiser: Investigating the cognitive and linguistic representation of causality: Evidence from language production (CUNY workshop practice talk)

Mon Feb 29

Maury Lander-Portnoy: The role of auditory streaming in speech perception in noise

Mon March 7 (Dept Colloq, 3.30-5pm)

Departmental colloquium talk by Jon Sprouse (Uconn)

Thurs March 10

Ana BessermanUse of discourse cues during garden-path resolution is modulated by verb argument structure

Mon March 21

[[no lab meeting]]

Thurs March 31

Samantha Gordon: Coordination and lag in manual and vocal tract gesture

Mon April 4 [NEW DATE]

Chorong Kang: Different types of QPs, different sensitivity to prosody

Thurs April 7

[[no lab meeting]]

Mon April 11

Binh Ngo: Pronoun interpretations in Vietnamese

Thursday April 21

Johanna Klages (University of Göttingen, Germany): About the Implicit Content of Agent-Evocator Verbs: Are We Dealing with a Presupposition? (Or possibly: On Some Cues for Perspective Shift in German and English)

Mon April 25 (special location, room to be announced)

[Joint talk with Syntax+] Sanghoun Song and Eunjeong Oh (Incheon National University and Sangmyung University): What Happened in the Last 24 Years: Acceptability Judgments on Korean Generative Grammar Circle Data



Fall 2014 lab meeting schedule

(To be announced: Practice conference talks by Emily Fedele and Ana Besserman)

Thurs Sept 25

Samantha Gordon: Positioning English Derivational Affixes in the Lexicon

Thurs Oct 2

Chorong Kang: When movement and prosody cannot communicate with LF

Thurs Oct 9

Monica Do: We’ve Only Skimmed the Surface: Spanish Speakers' Acquisition of English Subject-Verb Inversion

Monday Oct 13, 3.30-5pm **special date and time**

Emily Fedele: "Resolving Null and Overt Pronouns in Italian: An Experimental Investigation of Syntax-Semantic Interactions" (practice talk for Texas Linguistics Society).

Ana Besserman: "There was...something new! Discourse-based Predictions During Language Comprehension" (practice talk for  American Pragmatics Association conference).

Thurs Oct 23

Binh Ngo: Influence of Context on Numeral Classifier Choice

Thurs Nov 13

Elsi Kaiser: Causal Relations in Language Influence Perception of Causality in Visual Stimuli

Thurs Nov 20

Iris Ouyang: Prosody cues for corrective focus: What happens when an understandable misbelief meets an implausible fact?

Thurs Dec 4


Monday Dec 8 (3.30pm, special time, location TBA)

Departmental colloq by Lyn Frazier (UMass)

 (To be scheduled: Andrés Benítez Pozo: Does Entraining to Visual Stimuli Enhance Speech Perception?)

Spring 2013 lab meeting schedule

Thurs Jan 24 Mary Byram Washburn : Focus Inhibits Free Associates: An investigation using mouse-tracking
Wed Feb 6 Dasha Henderer : Effect of Articulatory Rhyme on Performance in a Rhyme Judgment Task
Fri Feb 22 (2.30pm)
[special day & time]
Betty Birner (Linguistics/Cognitive Science, Northern Illinois Univ):  How is Inversion Like an Allophone? Complementary Distribution and Noncanonical Word Order.
Wed Feb 27 Susan Geffen: When and how babies distinguish between statements and questions
Monday March 11 (10am)
[special day & time]
Mary Byram Washburn: Investigations into the Meaning of Focus (practice talk)
Thurs March 14 Emily Fedele: Looking back and looking forward: Anaphora and cataphora in Italian (practice talk for Penn Linguistics Colloquium)
Wed March 27 Iris Ouyang: Informativity and phonetic reduction
Thurs April 11 Boutaina Cherqaoui: Story-telling in Moroccan Arabic: Speakers’ Referential Choices in Narratives
Wed April 24 Arunima Choudhury: (title TBA)

Fall 2012 lab meeting schedule

Thurs Oct 5 Jesse Harris (Pomona College) : Tutorial on Amazon Mechanical Turk
Thurs Oct 11 David Li: The role of speech rate and articulation in lexical ambiguity resolution. (practice talk for Mental Lexicon)
Fri Oct 19 Emily Fedele: Cross-linguistic priming of anaphoric dependencies in Italian-English bilinguals
Fri Nov 9 Mythili Menon: Structural Integration Priming from Music to Language
Thurs Nov 15 Lucy Kim: The relationship between language and memory
Fri Nov 30 Arunima Choudhury: Focus, Word-Order and Prosody in Hindi

Spring 2012 lab meeting schedule

(special time)
Tue Jan 3
Practice talks for the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting: Arunima Choudhury: Prosodic focus in Bangla: A psycholinguistic investigation of production and perception

Iris Chuoying Ouyang: Focus-marking in a tone language: Prosodic cues in Mandarin Chinese

Ed Holsinger: An eye-tracking investigation of contextual bias on idiom processing
Wed Jan 15 Organizational meeting, discussion of abstract writing
(bonus talk)
Tue Feb 14
Ellen Bialystok (York University, Canada): Reshaping the Mind: The Benefits of Bilingualism

NOTE: Talk starts at 10 am, takes place in EEB248
Wed Feb 15 Elsi Kaiser: Exploring the Lexical and Acoustic Consequences of Referential Predictability
>Wed Feb 29 David Li: Investigating effects of speech rate and gestural representations on the perception of coronal place assimilation
Wed March 7 Emily Fedele: Reference resolution in Romance: Interpretation of null and overt pronouns in Italian
Wed March 21 Grace Livingstone: Pronoun interpretation after speech errors: Dealing with imperfect input
Wed March 28 Xin Zhao: How different levels of syntactic flexibility influence language production in Mandarin Chinese
Wed April 4 Hao Wang: On the acquisition of functional categories
Wed April 18 Xiao He: Perspective taking and the Chinese reflexive 'ziji'

Possible additional meetings still to be scheduled for Spring 2012.

"Language Acquisition" Talk series (hosted by the Psychology Dept)

2/22 Wed 12-2pm Scott Johnson (UCLA): A neoconstructivist view of infant object perception, KAP 141

4/5 Thu 12-2pm Sarah Creel (UCSD): Who hears a Who? Recognizing talkers and processing language across development, SGM 414

4/19 Thu 12-2pm David Moore (Pitzer College): Mental Rotation of 3D objects in early infancy, VKC 258

Please contact Hao Wang for details (billhao AT gmail DOT com). All events are held at 12 – 2pm with one hour of talk and one hour of student discussion. Food and drink will be provided.


Spring 2011 lab meeting schedule

Wed Jan 19 Mary Byram: Focus and set type in a lexical decision task
Wed Feb 2 Lucy Kim: The interpretation of the Korean topic marker –(n)un in discourse continuation
Wed Feb 16 Chuo-Ying Ou-Yang: Prosodic Cues for Information Types in Mandarin
Wed March 9 Ellen O'Connor: Failing to miss negation in grammatical illusions
Wed March 30 Stephanie Yu-chi Huang: Semantic flexibility in message formulation during online production (CLS practice talk) Post-CUNY poster discussion
Wed April 6 Priyanka Biswas: On reference resolution of distal demonstratives and anaphoric pronouns in Bangla
Wed April 13 [no lab meeting]
Wed April 20 Sofiana Chiriacescu: Stability of reference, discourse prominence and pe-marking in Romanian
Wed April 27 Elsi Kaiser: Effects of discourse structure on the comprehension and production of referring expressions



Fall 2010 lab meeting schedule

>Tue Aug 31 organizational meeting, welcome back!
Tue Sept 14 Lucy Kim: Korean L2 speakers' phonological representation of the English /l/-/r/ contrast (practice talk for J/K)
Tue Sept 28 Yin Bin: Chinese Speakers’ Acquisition of Telicity in English (practice talk for SLRF)
Tue Oct 12 Stephanie Yu-chi Huang: Flexibility in language production
Tue Oct 19 Xiao He: Person-feature based blocking
and the Chinese reflexive ziji
(practice talk for MLS)
Tue Oct 26 Ed Holsinger: Seeing the forest and the trees: an eye-tracking investigation of the time-course of idiom activation in biased and unbiased contexts
Tue Nov 9 David Li: Spoken word recognition and rate: An investigation of lexical access with insights from Articulatory Phonology
Tue Nov 16 Heui-Joo Jeoung: Processing of word order in Korean
Tue Nov 23 Arunima Choudhury: Perception of Focus Types: New-information Focus vs. Contrastive Focus in Bangla
Tue Nov 30 Canan Ipek: Phonetic realization of focus in Turkish

Joint meeting with Syntax+ on Monday Sept 27, 3pm: Practice talks for RALFe 2010 by Katy McKinney-Bock (Eyeing the syntax-semantics interface: Investigating differences between dimension and color adjectives) and Ellen O'Connor Mohun ( A Clausal Analysis of Dari and Tajik Phrasal Comparatives)

To be scheduled: Eyetracking python script demo by Ed Holsinger

Spring 2010 lab meeting schedule

Wed Jan 20
Organizational meeting, welcome back!
Mon Feb 1
Mary Byram
The Effect of Length and Focus on the English Dative Alternation: In need of some second opinions.
Wed Feb 17
Susan Geffen
Can infants discriminate between declaratives and questions using prosodic cues?
Mon March 1
Sam Tilsen
Biasing the resolution of semantic ambiguity with transcranial magnetic stimulation of primary motor cortex
Wed March 24
Barbara Tomaszewicz
The Processing of Majority Quantifiers
Mon March 29
Hao Wang
Frequent frames in languages with rich morphology: analyses of German and Turkish
Wed April 14
Stephanie Huang
Ba or Bei: Factors that affect Mandarin Speakers' choice of sentence type during language production
Mon April 26
Yin Bin
Chinese Speakers' Interpretation of Telicity in English