Other linguistics-related labs at USC


Human Subjects


Searchable databases on the web:


Frequency and other information


Semantic association norms


Picture sets




Resources for other languages - Chinese


Stimulus presentation software


Sound editing software

  • Audacity (sound editor)
  • Praat (phonetics program, sound editor)


Software for web-based experiments

  • Ed Holsinger's phpExp script (please email Ed to get a copy of the script with detailed instructions, holsinge at usc dot edu)
  • WebExp (software for web experiments)
  • Sample page for web surveys that only use html, no php. (All stimuli displayed on one page. Please use the "view source" command when viewing the sample form to see what kind of code is needed for the form_handler script on the USC server.)


Image editing software

  • Gimp, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, link to manual for most recent version of Gimp
  • Pixen, for macs


Corpus links


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