Faculty & Staff

John Monterosso, Associate Professor

Our lab studies mechanisms underlying human self-control from the combined perspectives of behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience (sometimes collectively referred to as "neuroeconomics").



Graduate Students

Eustace Hsu, M.A.


Pei-Ying (Peggy) Lin, M.A.

I am interested in studying the biological mechanisms of social behavior. I used oxytocin sprays to study empathy, and now look forward to learning brain imaging techniques to build the connections between the brain and behavior.


James Melrose, M.A.

I am a PhD student in the Psychology Department at USC. My background is primarily in utilizing fMRI during reward and self-control based tasks and how this is altered in various forms of pathology. I'm interested primarily in utilizing a multimodal approach to understand how the brain responds to both primary and secondary reinforcers, and how these responses can affect decision-making and self-control.

Xiaobei Zhang

I am interested in using a range of neuroimaging and behavioral techniques to investigate emotion and decision-making in both healthy and pathological individuals .

Undergraduate Students

Madison Norton

I am a junior studying biological sciences and psychology.  I am chiefly interested in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying behavior, and the general intersection between biological and neural sciences. 

Alistair Whatley

I am a Junior studying Psychology. I am interested in the role habits play in recovery from addiction and alcoholism.  One of my roles in the lab is to interview addicts and alcoholics on recovery behaviors to help determine the degree to which healthy recovery is based on habits versus goal-oriented decisions.

Alexandria Mar

I am  currently a junior majoring in neuroscience and psychology.  I have been a research assistant in the Monterosso lab since January 2015 and have been working on research regarding delay discounting and intertemporal decision-making.

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