Henrike Moll - Assistant Professor

Dr. Moll began working as an Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology at USC in January 2012. Her research focus lies in children’s understanding of perspectives and their ability to engage in joint attention. Visit Dr. Moll's personal website for more information, including work she did prior to coming to USC. Send her an email.          


Angela Nazarian - Lab Manager, Project Specialist

Angela is a Postbaccalaureate with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Music Industry from USC. Her research includes multimodal prediction of psychological disorders, natural language dialogue, and affect in the realm of human–computer interaction. Angela's academic interests lie at the intersection of music and psychology, particularly in the realm of treatment for serious mental illnesses. Send her an email.     


Allie Khalulyan - Graduate Student

Allie is a second-year PhD student in Developmental Psychology with a BA in Psychology from UCLA. Her research interests include social-cognitive development, as well as the developmental trajectories of infant siblings of older children with autism. Allie likes spending her free time reading, lazing in the sun, exploring new hiking trails and seeking nature in this buzzing metropolis. Send her an email.


Tiffany Chang

Tiffany is a junior Human Biology major with a Biotechnology minor at USC from Orange County. Her interest in developmental psychology was spurned by her first psychology course at USC. She was drawn to work at MIDLA by the rewarding experience of working with children. In addition to her involvement with MIDLA, Tiffany works as the assistant director for International Student Assembly at USC Program Board. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys hanging out with friends and going to cafes around LA. Send her an email.


Jackie Eguino - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jackie is currently a junior Neuroscience major at USC. She is particularly fascinated by the brain, how we think, and the formulation of behavior. This curiosity is a great fit at MIDLA where she can study how children perceive the world. Jackie was also awarded the prestigious USC Summer Undergraduate Research Fund! In her free time, she is a certified EMT and enjoys hiking. Send her an email.



Kristina Fenske - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kristina is a UCLA alumnus and prospective graduate student in the field of Psychology. She is primarily interested in the early development of children with autism, art and play therapies, and Clinical Psychology. Outside of MIDLA she volunteers in the Art Division at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and works as a behavioral therapist instructor. She likes to spend her free time brainstorming craft projects or spending time outdoors, running and hiking. Send her an email.



Tochi Madu - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Tochi is a senior Psychology and Biology double major at USC from Cerritos, California. He is highly interested in early childhood development and social cognition due to his first-hand involvement of his younger brother’s development. In addition to his involvement with MIDLA, Tochi works in the Marine Biodiversity Lab at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. In his free time, Tochi enjoys playing basketball and watching national geographic documentaries. Send him an email. 


Yeva Manukyan - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Yeva is currently an undergraduate student in her senior year, majoring in Psychology. Her primary focus has been directed toward pre-dental studies with hopes of spreading awareness of the importance of oral health education in the schools neighboring USC. Yeva has always been passionate about psychology with a particular interest in the factors that are predictive of autism,including joint attention as well as social development in children. In her free time, Yeva is an avid tennis player, animal lover, and movie fanatic. Send her an email. 

Lillie Moffett - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lillie is a junior Cognitive Science major at USC, and the recipient of the prestigious USC Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship. She loves spending time with kids and is interested in the different ways children learn and problem-solve, as well as the factors affecting the development of these skills. Lillie is currently conducting studies on the development of visual perspective-taking. Send her an email.         


Anna Schwartz - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Anna is a junior Psychology major and Global Health and Human Rights minor from Ottawa, Canada. Besides working at MIDLA, she teaches a health class to local high school freshmen. In her free time, Anna likes hiking, going to the beach, and traveling. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology. Send her an email


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