Henrike Moll - Assistant Professor

Dr. Moll began working as an Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology at USC in January 2012. Her research focus lies in children’s understanding of perspectives and their ability to engage in joint attention. Visit Dr. Moll's personal website for more information, including work she did prior to coming to USC. Send her an email

Lily FitzGibbon - Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. FitzGibbon is a Postdoctoral Scholar in Developmental Psychology. She completed her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. Lily’s interests are in “what if…” thinking and how it relates to decision making, executive function, and imagination in children and adults. Send her an email

Allie Khalulyan - Graduate Research Assistant

Allie is a Ph.D. student in Developmental Psychology with a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA (2012). She studies the social-cognitive development of both typically and atypically developing preschoolers. Specifically, she is interested in how the processes of joint attention come to shape young children's conceptions of themselves in relation to others. Send her an email.

Lillie Moffett - Research Assistant

Lillie is a Cognitive Science and Psychology alumna from USC. She is primarily interested in relationships between theory of mind, executive functioning and problem solving. With the support of the prestigious Provost Fellowship, she completed her honors thesis on future planning in children. She hopes to adopt a career path that will help improve education. Send her an email

Corey Pettit - Research Assistant

Corey is a Psychology alumna from USC. She loves both clinical and developmental research. Previously, she studied coping in military dependent adolescents, and is currently conducting studies on the emergence of counterfactual reasoning. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Send her an email.

Kirsten Kreh - Research Assistant

Kirsten is a Psychology major and Health Care Studies minor alumna from USC. She has always enjoyed working with kids and has a special interest in their problem solving techniques. In her free time she enjoys volunteering with Women and Youth Supporting Each Other and exploring California’s beautiful beaches. She hopes to pursue a career in pediatric medicine.  Send her an email.

Maddy Suennen - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maddy is a sophomore Psychology major with a minor in Consumer Behavior. She has a passion for working with children, especially helping those on the autism spectrum find ways to reach their full potential. Maddy hopes to pursue a career in Child Psychology. Send her an email.


Ryan Lee - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ryan is a junior Human Biology major at USC. He is interested in how children learn to reason counterfactually and explore the range of their possibilities. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and going to the beach. Ryan hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Send him an email

Alison Wood - Research Assistant

Alison is a Psychology major and Music minor alumna from Beloit College. She is interested in working with children and cognitive neuroscience. In her free time she enjoys reading and playing piano and clarinet. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. Send her an email

Maya Citron - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maya is a senior Psychology and Public Relations double major at USC. She loves Developmental and Clinical Psychology and has extensive experience working with children as a camp counselor and volunteer for numerous local organizations. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Send her an email

Sophia Mohiuddin - Project Specialist, Lab Manager

Sophia began working at USC in the Office of the Provost and is a Psychology alumna from CSULB. Her past experience includes providing applied behavioral analysis to children affected by cognitive and behavioral disabilities. Outside of MID.LA, she can be found enjoying the sunshine, reading, and admiring all things creative. Send her an email

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