The USC Minds in Development lab studies the origins and early formation of social cognition in infants and young children. In particular, we look at concepts like perspective-taking and problem solving. The major focus of our research is examining children’s abilities to adopt and understand other people’s point of view. For example, how does a toddler come to understand that others may not have seen what she herself saw a moment ago? Our research is driven by the notion that children’s ability to engage in joint attention with others is critical for their understanding of perspectives.

Did you know that humans are the only animal species that attend to things in the environment jointly with other individuals? Our lab sees this basic and mundane skill of joint attention as critically important for the development of thought and understanding.

In an ongoing study, we’re exploring the effect of demonstrative cues on children’s ability to solve problems. This includes looking at when and how children understand the use of water as a tool in certain situations. If you’d like to hear more about our work or set up a time to stop by the lab, please feel free to contact us at midlausc@gmail.com

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