The USC Minds in Development Lab studies young children’s cognitive development, with a focus on social cognition. Questions that we pursue, among others, are: 1) How do children learn that the world can be seen from different perspectives? 2) What do children know about other persons’ beliefs, intentions, and goals? 3) How does children’s way of approaching and relating to humans differ from the way they approach and relate to objects? 4) Do children reflect on their past choices and actions and might they even regret some of them? 

Our general working hypothesis is that humans have a unique form of sociality that is not found in any other animal species. For example, humans engage in joint attention and share perspectives, ideas, and knowledge with one another. This unique way of engaging with others shapes humans’ cognition from the very beginning of their lives. 

In an ongoing project, we explore when and how young children come to reconsider and possibly regret past decisions and actions. For more information, please feel free to contact us at midlausc@gmail.com.

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