Vector Addition

M.2(1) - Force Table

This demonstration shows the laws of composition and resolution of forces by means of vector diagrams of several concurrent forces.







M.2(2) - Fan Cart

It can be used to demonstrate the effect on propulsion when a 45° sail introduces a new component of force. Without its sail in place, the cart moves along a smooth, leveled surface. When the sail is set perpendicular to the air flow it does not move; if you adjust the sail's angle with respect to the "wind," the cart moves at different speeds, in different directions. The fan cart also demonstrates uniform acceleration.

Dimensions: 30 cm in length with a 25 cm x 25 cm sail.



M.2(3) - Perpendicular Component

It shows the behavior of perpendicular forces: forces acting in the same line but opposite directions cancel each other and the resultant is in the perpendicular direction. The aluminum ring's diameter is approximately 23 cm.