O.6(1) - Plane Hologram

A transmission-projection type plane holographic film is illuminated wih a monochromatic light source. This hologram is 20 cm x 25 cm plate which shows a telephone in details. The set-up consists of a sodium lamp, a filter, and the holographic plate.





O.6(2) - Full View Hologram

It is a deep-scene transmission hologram that can produce both a virtual and a real image. A laser beam is shined on the 10 cm x 12.5 cm plate to observe a scientist in his laboratory. The image can be viewed from many different angles.





O.6(3) - "Star Trek" Reflection Hologram

This holographic film is set on a picture frame and shows a clear picture of the TV show spaceship "Enterprise", and even some planets or something in the background. The colors and perspectives change as one moves around the picture. A regular lamp is shined on it to bring out the details.