Crystal Structure

MP.3 (1) - Crystal Structure

Various crystal lattice models are available, eg. cubic, cubic body centered, cubic face centered, hexagonal, as well as models for some materials such as Cu, NaCl and Mg.





MP.3 (2) - Body Centered Cubic Structure

This lattice structure has one atom at each corner of the cubic unit cell and one atom in the cell center. Each atom touches eight other atoms along the body diagonal of the cube

(a = 2.3094r, Z = 2).




MP.3 (3) - Face Centered Cubic Structure

This lattice is a close packed structure with one atom at each corner, one atom in each face, and the atoms touch along the face diagonal.

(a = 2.8284r, Z = 4).




MP.3 (4) - Matter Model

The Matter Model is designed to allow students to better understand the structure of matter. The bonds between the atoms are modeled by springs, so that when forces are applied, the atoms can move in response.





MP.3 (5) - Molecular Model Demonstrator

The device consists of a robust frame with a pressure chamber whose cover plate is furnished with 1089 fine perforations and serves as an experimentation surface. Air is supplied to the pressure chamber by a blower via a hose, causing the colored bodies to hover.

Dimensions: 350 mm x 350 mm x 75 mm.


Click here to see a video of this demo.