Welcome to the Dickman Lab at USC!! 

We are interested in synapse development, function, and plasticity in general, and the mechanisms that homeostatically tune synaptic strength stabilize neural function in particular. We hypothesize that the brain is endowed with potent and adaptive mechanisms that maintain stable nervous system function despite the many challenges that perturb activity throughout life and into old age. Evidence for the homeostatic control of synaptic function has been demonstrated in a variety of organisms, from invertebrates to humans, indicating these are ancient and fundamental signaling systems. These processes are thought to counteract perturbations to activity during health and disease, including development, growth, remodeling, experience, and aging of the mature nervous system, to orchestrate stable neural activity. We use the premier genetic model organism Drosophila melanogaster and a combination of genetic, electrophysiological, imaging, and behavioral approaches to discover the molecular, cellular, and synaptic mechanisms that achieve and maintain the stability of synaptic transmission. We also hope to determine how dysfunction in these processes contributes to the etiology of cognitive, neurological, neurodegenerative, and neuropsychiatric diseases.


News Updates!

April 2014

Koto passes her Qual exam with flying colors! You go girl!

February 2014

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announces Dion as a receipient of their prestigious research fellowship. What an achievement! 

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November 2013

Dion  published a review in the 

Journal of Neuroscience

The lab travelled to San Diego for the Society of Neuroscience convention where Dion spoke while Wenpei, Koto and Beril presented their research. 

October 2013

Dr. Dickman and Joyce Wondolowski published a review article in

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

April 2013

Xun, Koto, Beril, and Yang bravely decided to join the Dickman lab for their thesis research!

November 2012

Welcome rotation students Brian Leung and Hui Yang!

September 2012

Welcome rotation students Xun Chen, Koto Kikuma, Beril Kiragasi, and Sebastian Lin! 

August 2012

Lab renovations are finally done! We are excited to move in!

July 2012

Dr. Dickman received a New Scholar Award from the Ellison Medical Foundation. How exciting!
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April 2012

Brian Leung decided to attend USC for grad school in the fall - hooray!

April 2012

Our new confocal microscope was just delivered, our lab is buzzing with excitement.

April 2012

Wanlin Guo has officially joined the lab!

January 2012

Rotation student, Wanlin Guo, officially began her rotation in our lab on January 30th! We are happy to have her!

January 2012

Six new undergraduates have joined the Dickman Lab! Welcome, Andrew An, Michelle Chee, Morgan Cheeks, Jeremy Paluch, Donna Phantran, and Andrew Tung.

January 2012

Brian P. Leung joined our lab as a technician. He's doing a brillant job!

January 2012

Lab renovations begin January 2012!

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