Current Projects

Our lab is involved in numerous research projects, and in active collaboration with other groups around the world.

Many of our projects involve collecting samples and data at sea, and all members of the lab are involved in oceanographic cruises. In both 2010 and 2011, we spent ~68 days at sea. 

We also have projects working in the dry valleys of Antarctica, as well as studying lake environments closer to home in California and Nevada.

Use the links on the right to read more about our current projects.

Group photo on board R/V Melville, ANACONDAS II, September 2011. 


Exploring the influence of the Amazon River on the Atlantic Ocean, focusing on carbon export from Nitrogen Fixation by Diatom symbioses


This project is based on studying Nitrogen fixation in the Eastern Tropical south Pacific ocean, a Nitrogen deficient region.

California and Nevada Lakes

Studying the Importance of Moylbdenum to Nitrognen fixation in California and Nevada lake environments

Dry Valleys of Antarctica

This project researched the biogeochemistry of cyanobacterial mats and hypoheric zone microbes in Antarctic dry valley glacial meltwater streams