Olvera Street

Paseo de la Plaza and Main Street

Originally known as Vine or Wine Street because of its location near vineyards and a winery, the street was renamed in honor of the first county judge of Los Angeles County, Agustin Olvera. Olvera Street was officially opened in April, 1930, and serves as a major tourist attraction and entertainment center. The street preserves essential features of Los Angeles history. A triple row of bricks running diagonally across the street near the fountain denotes the course of the Zanja Madre (Mother Ditch), an early system of providing water from the Los Angeles River to the growing pueblo. On Olvera Street is L.A.'s oldest surviving residential building, Avila Adobe, which dates from 1818. El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument was established at the site in 1953.

PHOTOS: 1930s postcard (above, left); C. Roseman, 2000 (above, right); J. Mapes (right, on a rainy day)