May Company Parking Garage

900 Hill Street

The May Company parking garage, built in 1926, is one of many historic parking garages around the city. Dating back to the early days of the automobile, these garages were often built with flourishes not found in stark modern garages. The May Co. garage features a cafe with a sign reading, "Hamburgers Our Specialty," dating back to the days before Hamburger's Department Store was acquired, through money and a marriage, by the May Company.

More Downtown Parking Garages

730 Broadway 752 Hope St.
The oldest parking garage in the city (top left, 742 Hope St.), according to Blogdowntown's survey of city garages, was built in 1925. Next door to the oldest garage is the Century Parking Company building (top right, 754 Hope St.), which was built in 1970. The parking garage at 730 Broadway (left) is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
742 Hope St.

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