Since this postcard (right) was produced, Broadway has changed in social, rather than physical, terms. The Anglo shopping/entertainment street of old had trolleys, department stores, and many specialty shops, medical and financial services and other offices occupied uppers floors of the buildings. Today's Broadway is dominated by first floor retail businesses primarily for Spanish-speaking customers many of whom arrive by bus. Though for many years upper floors were vacant, some are being converted into lofts and offices. Nevertheless, many empty, deteriorating buildings remain.

Broadway is a "must-see" in Los Angeles. For an interpretation of the evolution of Broadway see: Curtis C. Roseman and J. Diego Vigil's article, "From Broadway to 'Latinoway:' The Reoccupation of a Gringo Retail Landscape." Places Vol. 8(3) 1993: 20-29.

The photos below show a Broadway building being renovated, one sorely in need of revitalization (note cinderblocks covering its windows), and highlight of Broadway, a mural at 351 Broadway by Johanna Poethig.


516 Broadway

526 Broadway

516 Broadway    526 Broadway


PHOTOS: G. DeVerteuil;J. Mapes