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The USC Korean Studies Institute is led by David Kang, one of the foremost experts in East Asian international affairs, especially North and South Korea. Under his leadership, USC KSI stands apart from other major research universities in our focus on contemporary Korean issues: the political, economic, and social issues confronting Korea today. These issues have global ramifications and we fill a need for educated, nuanced scholarship to help our leaders decide what to do, and we train our students, as future leaders, to be knowledgeable about these complex, yet very relevant and very important topics.

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If what we are doing interests you, we welcome your involvement and encourage you to make us a part of your philanthropy. The USC Korean Studies Institute uses donations like yours to:

  • Foster collaboration among decision makers and thought leaders
  • Send students abroad to experience first-hand the topics they study
  • Encourage graduate students by providing them with critical research funding
  • Create an open, non-partisan dialogue among people of all ethnicities

To join the Sejong Society, our annual giving society, please contact:

Elaine Kim 
Associate Director 
USC Korean Studies Institute
809 West 34th Street, Ahn House 
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0142
Tel: (213)740-0005

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