KSI Special Lecture and Filming: Pre-Modern Korean History by UCLA Professor of Pre-Modern Korean History, John Duncan

DATE: Thursday, March 13, 2014
TIME: 2-3:20 PM
LOCATION: Galen Center Founder's Club Room

KSI will continue its special lecture and filming series this spring with a special lecture on Pre-Modern Korean history by Professor John Duncan from UCLA, who also directs the UCLA Center for Korean Studies.

Professor John Duncan provides an overview of Korea’s long premodern history, emphasizing four key themes. One, Korea has an exceptionally long history as a unified polity; its considerable institutional and organizational capacity was marked by a sophisticated centralized bureaucracy; two, Korea made active contributions to East Asian civilization in arts and thought; three, living in the shadow of China stimulated Koreans to develop a strong sense of local identity; and four, aspects of Korea’s premodern experience continue to shape Korean life today.

John Duncan received his Ph.D. in Korean History from the University of Washington in 1988 and has taught in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA since 1989.  His primary research interests are in the late Koryo and early Choson period, although he has also done some work on the Open Ports Period of 1876-1910. His first book, The Origins of the Choson Dynasty (University of Washington Press, 2000) examines the change of dynasties from Koryo to Choson.

The lecture will be filmed for the KSI Youtube channel as part of our ongoing efforts to make Korea and important Korean studies topics known to the world.

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