KSI Fellows Program 2014-2015

Our KSI Fellows are outstanding USC students who bring unique qualifications and diverse perspectives on Korean studies to the KSI. They perform research, assist with KSI programs, host distinguished visitors, and act as liaisons between the KSI and the USC student body.  In addition, a select number of next year’s fellows who have written a substantial research paper will present at the 3rd annual Korean Studies Undergraduate Exchange Conference at USC, co-hosted by USC and the University of Michigan.

There are two types of fellows: regular KSI Fellows and KSI Research Fellows. Research Fellows, in addition to assisting at events, are those interested in writing a longer paper involving Korea or Korean-Americans in some fashion. Research Fellows often conduct research through SURF or SOAR in the summer before they become fellows, and if the paper is selected, the fellow may present at the annual USC-Michigan Korean Studies Undergraduate Exchange Conference--held each spring semester.  Credits may be available for research fellows.

Requirements include:

  • Attendance and assistance for at least ONE day (at least 8 hours) at a KSI conference. Duties may include but are not limited to: event setup, photography, video recording, registrar, event runner, event takedown.
  • Attendance and assistance to at least ONE (approximately 2-3 hours) KSI special event (lectures, cultural events, round table discussions). Duties may include but are not limited to: event setup, photography, video recording, registrar, event runner, event takedown.
  • One 200-word article on one of the above attended events per semester.
  • Research Fellows, in addition to volunteering at events and conferences, must plan on writing a substantial Korean studies research paper to be submitted for possible presentation at the annual USC-Michigan undergraduate conference.

Opportunities include:

  1. Invitation to monthly informal KSI lunch gatherings.
  2. Special invitation to attend formal Sejong Society (KSI supporter’s group) dinner, as well as other exclusive opportunities to meet VIP guests.
  3. Invitation to special lectures.
  4. For Research Fellows, if paper is selected, an opportunity to present a research paper at the annual USC-Michigan Korean Studies Undergraduate Exchange Conference.

If you interested in being a KSI Fellow for the coming year, please send:

  1. Resume
  2. Short (one page maximum) cover letter that explains both your interest in Korea and Korean studies, why you want to be a KSI Fellow, and how this fits in to your undergraduate career here at USC.
  3. Please indicate in your cover letter if you are interested in the Research Fellows program and how you plan to develop a research paper.

Please e-mail your application to ksi@dornsife.usc.edu.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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