Korean Film Festival


The USC Korean Studies Institute has held annual Korean film festivals on the USC campus since 2008.

The KSI annually presents several successful Korean films by critically acclaimed directors, with films screened in 35mm. Along with the film screenings, the KSI invites film scholars, critics, and experts in Korean entertainment as well as Korean film directors to share their thoughts and analysis on the films presented as well as opinions on the future of Korean film.

Past directors who have been invited include Im Kwon Taek, Yim Soon-Rye, Kang Je-gyu, Lee Myung-se, Park Kwang Su, Hong Sang Soo, Park Chan-wook, Kim Moon Saeng, and Choi Dong-hoon.  Im Kwon Taek had his first North American retrospective at USC through the KSI. 

These film festivals have been hosted in collaboration with USC School of Cinematic Arts, USC East Asian Studies Center, USC Korean Heritage Library, USC Center for International Studies, USC East Asian Languages & Cultures, and the Korean Film Council (KoFiC).

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