2nd Annual KSI Graduate Student Symposium

Thursday, January 23
Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Ahn House (click here for map and parking information)

Graduate students from the Southern CA region focusing on East Asia will gather at KSI's 2nd annual graduate student symposium to cover East Asian topics in literature, film, and the social sciences.
Dr. Kelly Y. Jeong, Associate Professor of Korean Studies and Comparative Literature from UC Riverside will serve as the keynote speaker.

RSVP ONLINE here by 1/21/14.
Please note that this event is only open to graduate students, faculty, and postdoctoral scholars.



10:00 am: WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS by David Kang (Director of KSI and Professor of International Relations)

I (10:15-12:00): LITERATURE

  1. Stephen C. Rea (UC Irvine, Anthropology), “Nokada, game pye-in, and the pace of life in contemporary South Korea”
  2. Kyunghee Eo (USC, English), “Black Girls Wandering Through the Korean Camp Town: Dreams of Transnational & Interracial Female Solidarities”
  3. Birgit Geipel (UC Riverside, Comparative Literature), “The Loss of Utopia in German and Korean Post-Cold War Satires: Thomas Brussig’s Heroes Like Us and Kim Young-ha’s Your Republic Is Calling You

Discussant: Sunyoung Park (USC, Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures)

II (12:45-2:00): FILM AND CULTURE

  1. Jessica Conte (UC Irvine, East Asian Languages and Literature), “Muoi: Legend of a Portrait Framing Vietnam and South Korea’s Past and Present”
  2. Tommy Tran (UCLA, Asian Languages and Cultures), “Other Cheju(s): Re-Imagining Cheju Island in an Age of Global Tourism”
  3. Areum Jeong (UCLA, Theater and Performance Studies), “When the Voice Becomes the Body”

Discussants: Jinhee Park (USC, Cinematic Arts – Critical Studies), Yu Tokunaga (USC, History)

III (2:15-3:45 pm): POLITICS

  1. Nahoi Koo (USC, Communication), “International Protests against China’s Repatriation of North Korean Defectors”
  2. Graham Odell (UC Irvine, Political Science), “A Theory of State Reconstitution: the Case of Japan at the end of the Sengoku era (1477-1603)”
  3. Carolyn Areum Choi (USC, Sociology), “Study Abroad U.S.A.: South Korean Educational Migration in Los Angeles”

Discussants: Alex Lee (UC Irvine, Political Science), Luman Wang (USC, History)


Associate Professor, Kelly Y. Jeong (UC Riverside, Korean Studies/Comparative Literature): "Korean Cinema: Genre, Gender, Ethics and the Nation"

Contact Ming-min Yang, graduate student co-organizer at mingminy@usc.edu or Linda Kim, KSI Program Specialist at lindaeki@usc.edu with questions.





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