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Katherine Karlin
  • Katherine Karlin Creative Writing

Katherine Karlin

Assistant Professor of English, Kansas State University

In the PhD Program in Literature and Creative Writing in USC’s English Department, I had the opportunity to work on my fiction writing while I pursued a rigorous course of literary study.  Under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Lemon, I completed a dissertation on representations of working women from both the Early Modern period and the early twentieth century, as well as a novel about women radicals in the 1930s.  The study of literature deepened my perspective and enriched my creative work.

My study of the literature of working women also influenced the short stories I wrote in my graduate workshops, and shared at the student-organized Loudest Voice reading series.  A collection of these stories, Send Me Work, will be published by Northwestern University Press in the fall of 2011.

I also had the chance to take courses in the School of Theatre and to work directly with playwrights and actors.  As a teaching assistant in the Writing Program, I worked closely with expert teaching mentors and develop my pedagogical style.  Teaching also brought me in contact with some unforgettably talented USC undergrads.

Living in the city of Los Angeles, I was able to take advantage of theater, readings, concerts, and screenings.  As a volunteer for WriteGirl, I helped nurture the creative work of gifted high school students. 

At Kansas State University, I teach creative writing and literature to students from the introductory to the graduate level, and mentor students who are working on projects for their master’s degrees.  The attention and education I received at USC, as well as the access to a rich cultural life, provided wonderful preparation for my career.