Working Papers

 “Estimation of Poverty Transition Matrices With Noisy Data” (with Nayoung Lee and Geert Ridder),  BREAD Working Paper No. 270, August 2010.

“Living Arrangements of the Elderly in China: Evidence from CHARLS” (with Xiaoyan Lei, Meng Tien and Yaohui Zhao), RAND Labor and Population Working Paper WR866, August 2011.

 “International Transmission of Health Among Older Adults: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia” (with Younoh Kim, Bondan Sikoki and Firman Witoelar), RAND Labor and Population Working Paper WR-879, September 2011.

“Height, Height Shrinkage, Health at Older Ages and SES: Evidence from China” (with Wei Huang, Xiaoyan Lei, Geert Ridder and Yaohui Zhao), BREAD Working Paper 334, March 2012.