3651 Trousdale Pkwy, ZHS 275
Los Angeles, CA 90089

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA                           2010 - 2015
Department of Earth Sciences
Ph.D, Earth Sciences with focus on statistical climatology

Dissertation: Taking the temperature of the Common Era: Statistics, Patterns and Dynamical Insights.

Nankai University, Tianjin, China                                                     2006 - 2010
School of Mathematical Science
Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics

Paleoclimate data/model comparison;
Multivariate statistics, multivariate uncertainty analysis;
Low-frequency climate variability at regional to global scales;
High-resolution paleoclimate proxies, multi-proxy climate reconstruction (in
particular temperature).

BGP Geophysical Research Institute, Beijing, China                   August 2008

  • Interned in the department of Processing Center
  • Learned the basic use of GISSYS
  • Collected data of earlier prospection for interior analysis and research

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA                 2010 - present

  •  Assessed skill of different paleoclimate reconstruction methods
  •  Conducted proxy quality control experiment
  •  Performed multi-proxy temperature reconstruction over the Common Era
  •  Quantifiled uncertainties via block bootstrap



University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2011 - 2012, Fall 2014
Geol 150: Climate Change, Teaching Assistant

  • Lectured and organized group work (20 students/session, 3 sessions/semester)
  • Led and conducted hand-on and computer-based experiments
  • Created weekly assignments and evaluated student work 


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Spring 2014 
Geol 425: Data Analysis in th Earth and Environmental Sciences, Teaching Assistant 

  • Co-lectured with Dr. Julien Emile-Geay
  • Led lab sessions (18 graduate students, and 4 undergraduate students)
  • Designed laboratory experiments: numerical analysis with MATLAB



Wang, J., Emile-Geay, J., Guillot, D., Smerdon, J.E.: Evaluating climate field reconstruction techniques using improved emulations of real-world conditions. Clim. Past, 10, 1-19, 2014

Wang, J., Emile-Geay, J., Guillot, D., Mckay, N. P., Rajaratnam, B.: Fragility of reconstructed temperature patterns over the Common Era. Implications for model evaluation., in revision, Geophys. Res. Lett.

Wang, J., Emile-Geay, Mckay, N. P., J., Guillot, D., Vaccaro, A.D.: The climate continuum in a global multi-proxy temperature reconstruction spanning the Common Era, in prep 



4th Asia 2k Workshop, Kyoto, Japan, Talk, March 2015

  • Asia 2k in a broader context: A comparison between regional and global surface temperature reconstructions (invited).

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, TalkDecember 2014

4th International Workshop on Climate Informatics, Boulder, CO, Poster, Sept 2014

COAA-SCC 2014 Annual Workshop, La Jolla, CA, TalkSept 2014

  • Global temperature reconstructions of the Common Era (best presentation award).

3rd Asia 2k Workshop, Beijing, China, TalkMay 2014

  • Fragility of estimated spatial temperature patterns in climate field reconstructions of the CE (invited).

EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, TalkApril 2014

Advances in CFR Workshop, Woods Hole, MA, TalkApril 2014

  • Experimental temperature field reconstructions with the PAGES 2k network (invited).

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, TalkDecember 2013

7th Graduate Climate Conference, Woods Hole, MA, Poster, November 2013

  • Temperature reconstructions of the CE: Impact of methods and source data (with travel award).

10th Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology, Urbino, Italy, Poster, July 2013

  • A review of large-scale temperature reconstructions of the Common Era (with travel award).

12th International Meeting of Statistical Climatology, Jeju, Korea, TalkJune 2013

  • Impacts of methodology and source data on large-scale temperature reconstructions.

PAGES 4th OSM and 2nd YSM, Goa, India, Poster, February 2013

  • A pseudoproxy evaluation of four climate field reconstruction methods using improved emulations of real-world conditions (with travel award).

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Poster, December 2012

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Poster, December 2011

American Geophysical Union; European Geophysical Union
Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association


Programming: Microsoft C++, Matlab, R, and Python

  • Chinese (native speaker)
  • English: read, written, spoken (fluent)
  • German: read, written, spoken (beginner)


University service & Mentoring
Department Paleoenvironmental Seminar: Coordinator                                         2014 - 2015
Graduate Mentor to undergraduate work-study student, Adam Vaccaro                  2012 - present
Group leader of Youth Volunteer Committee of Tianjin                                          2007 - 2010
Undergraduate Student Representative, Department of Mathematical Science        2007 - 2008
Vice President of Undergraduate Student Government, Department of Physics        2006 - 2007


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