The Jewish Studies program offers several courses on a regular basis, as well as a number of rotating electives. Please check the Schedule of Classes for offerings in a specific term. You can see descriptions of these courses in the Academic Catalogue for the relevant schools.

History, Sociology, and Religious Studies courses offered by Jewish Studies
(listed with the additional distribution requirements and majors/minors they can be applied to):
JS 100g, Jewish History (GE Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions)
JS 180, Introduction to Judaism
JS 211g, The Holocaust (GE Category VI: Social Issues, Minor in Resistance to Genocide)
JS 214, Zionism, Israel, and the Modern World (Middle East Studies)
JS 258g, Food, Faith, and Conflict (GE Category VI: Social Issues)
JS 314g, Holy War and History: Jews, Christians, Muslims (GE Category I: Western Cultures and Traditions)
JS 321, Gender and Judaism (Gender Studies Minor, Religion)
JS 330, Jewish Power, Powerlessness, and Politics in the Modern World (Sociology)
JS 342, Reading in Two Directions: Connecting Law and Literature in Jewish Tradition (Law, History, and Culture)
JS 360m, Identity, Community, and Service: Jews and Other Americans (Diversity)
JS 361, Scripture and Polemic in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Middle East Studies, Religion)
JS 362, Terror and Resistance in Literature and Media (Minor in Resistance to Genocide)
JS 374, Messiah: The History of an Idea
JS 378, Jewish Magic in the Ancient World
JS 379m, Mixed Matches: Intermarriage in the 21st Century (Diversity, Sociology)
JS 381, The Jew in American Society
JS 382, Judaism as an American Religion (Sociology, American Studies and Ethnicity, Religion)
JS 383, Jews in American Popular Culture (American Studies and Ethnicity)
JS 389, Culture and Society in Israel: Inventing the Dream (Sociology)
JS 428, Blacks and Jews: Conflicts and Alliances (Sociology)
JS 490x, Directed Research (Juniors and Seniors)
JS 499, Special Topics: Sex and Judaism: Queers, Straights and Others (Gender Studies)
JS 590, Directed Research (Graduate Students)

Hebrew courses (see details here):
HEBR 120: Hebrew I
HEBR 150: Hebrew II
HEBR 220: Hebrew III
HEBR 315: Hebrew IV

Arts and Letters courses that deal with Jews or Judaism (fulfills GE Category V):
ARLT 100g, Biblical Protagonists Through An Ancient Lens
ARLT 100g, Holocaust and the Creative Impulse
ARLT 100g, Holocaust in Film and Literature
ARLT 100g, Jew in American Fiction
ARLT 100g, Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Literature
ARLT 100g, Jewish Identity in Literature
ARLT 100g, Language, Race, and Identity in the United States Today
ARLT 100g, Lenses on Society: Literature and Sociology
ARLT 100g, Literature of Resistance
ARLT 100g, Prescriptions for Faith: Jews and Christians of the First Centuries
ARLT 100g, Reading Scripture: The Qur’an, New Testament, and Hebrew Bible in Dialogue
ARLT 100g, Representing the Holocaust: History, Memory, and National Identity
ARLT 100g, Scripture and Script: Bible in Contemporary Literature and Film
ARLT 100g, Women in Ancient Literature

Courses in other departments that deal with Jews or Judaism in a comparative context:
COLT 575, Studies in Literature and Ethnicity
COMM/REL 426, Religion, Media, and Hollywood: Faith in TV
HIST 305, From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe
HIST 323, The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe
HIST 443, Race and Religious Riots in Modern World History
HIST 444, Mass Violence and Comparative Genocide in Modern World History
HIST 446, Resistance to Genocide
HIST 615, Seminar in Modern European History: Problems in European Jewish History
ITAL 352, The Holocaust in Italian Fiction and Film
JOUR/IR/REL 484, American Religion, Foreign Policy, and the News Media
MSCR 475, Introduction to Jewish Music
MSCR 571, Music of the Great Liturgies
MUCM 541, Choral Literature I, c. 1500-1791
MUCM 542, Choral Literature II, 1791-present
MUHL 588, Music and the Holocaust
PHIL 317, History of Western Philosophy: Medieval Period
REL 111g, The World of the Hebrew Bible
REL 121g, The World of the New Testament
REL 132g, Religions of the West
REL 402, Cultural Heritage, Religion, and Politics in the Middle East
REL 504, Ethics in the History of Western Religious Thought
REL 516, Modern Continental Religious Thought
REL 626, Seminar in Jewish Ethics
SPAN 350, Cultural Cross-Currents of the Iberian Middle Ages