Welcome to the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Southern California. Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary field, and USC is proud to offer courses in several areas, as well as two minors and a shared major. In our courses you will explore how Jews have interacted with other religious and ethnic groups. You will grapple with the history of the ancient world and the Holocaust. You will discover the connections between Judaism and food, Judaism and sex, and Judaism and magic. And you will gain enough Hebrew fluency to converse with Israelis and read Hebrew poetry. Whether you want to create an intensive program of study or dabble in a course or two, you have come to the right place.

Judaic Studies Learning Objectives

Judaic Studies aims to aid students in learning how to gain an understanding of the Jewish past and present by:

  • examining diverse cultural responses to societal and political oppression
  • identifying shared themes in a variety of (artistic, academic, scientific and cultural) expressions
  • analyzing the role of minority figures in historical and cultural contexts
  • inspiring writing and analytical skills
  • developing an informed engagement into different literary and historical genres
  • evaluating the influence of living in diverse societies on Jews and Judaism
  • introducing and providing access to Israeli and modern Hebrew language in the context of culture, history and society


Internship Week
On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)
Graduate Student Probability Seminar
Forgotten Founders: The Hidden African Ancestry of L.A.