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JEP: Program Operations

Placing an average of 1200 students each semester and coordinating with over two dozen community sites is an enormous task that requires careful organization. In order to manage this, we have broken the semester into four major parts.

1.    Pre-semester Preparation - (Week before semester begins)

  • Staff training for Program Assistants (PAs), our staff of part-time students
  • PAs set appointments with professors to discuss JEP options

2.    Recruitment, Training, Placement - (Week 1 - 4)

  • PA's introduce JEP is classes
  • Interested students come to the JEP House to sign up for participation
  • PAs provide training for students
  • JEP site Coordinators come to JEP to Match-up student applications with requests from professionals in the community
  • Students come to JEP and pick up their assignment
  • Assignments begin

3.    Monitoring Placements - (Week 5 - 12)

  • PA's give each participating professor a list of students and their community assignment
  • Reflection process begins - students submit weekly journals, lesson plans, reflective responses
  • Observations begin - JEP staff visit school sites and observe all mini-courses
  • Second training sessions are conducted. PAs use this time for sharing/problem solving and exploring course requirements (i.e. .final papers).

4.    Evaluation - (Week 13-15)

  • Evaluations forms (pdf) are delivered to community school teachers and site supervisors by the Placement Coordinator
  • Evaluations are picked up by the Placement Coordinator who checks them off and divides them by PA.
  • PA completes their section on the evaluation and delivers to each professor all of the evaluations for his/her course. PA discusses the semester's happenings and future plans with the professor at this time.