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JEP Funding

Like most service-learning programs across the country, we too began as a largely soft-money funded project. As we continued to seek funding, we spent a lot of time educating administrators on campus about the value of our work from the vantage point of the education of students. Today, about 85% of our funding, enough to support most of our professional staff members, comes from the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences out of tuition dollars.

We also have $1.5 million in an endowed account, thanks to the generosity of Henry Salvatori and his wife Grace who learned about our work and were very supportive of our grassroots involvement in the neighborhood. We also enjoy the annual support of two small foundations, the Fusenot Foundation and Van Nuys Family Charities that have long provided funding for one to four Program Assistants each year. These foundations have realized the multiplier effect and can see that through the support of one Program Assistant, they can support high quality work of 25 - 50 students engaged in the community. These students, in turn, will have an effect on more than 100 young people in the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatori also provided more than $300,000 for an endowment account that provides service scholarships and awards each year. Mr. Henry Lee, a former USC staff member, also has presented JEP with a generous gift that allows us to present an annual award for servant leadership.

We still will go after federal or state funding or foundation funds for programming if we feel that there is a high degree of consistency between what we are doing with out campus and community and what the funds seek to do. We know that whoever pays the bills, calls the shots and we want to be sure that we are spending our time and talents on local priorities.