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America’s Pacific Century: Dialogues between the United States and Asia

Dates: May 18-June 12, 2015

Tuition: $6408

Airfare: $975-1200

Note: Students should wait to purchase airline tickets until instructed to do so, as courses may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Accommodations, Meals, Internal Travel, and Miscellaneous (estimated): $1000

Possible Funding: SOAR, School of IR, Luce Fellowship (Transpacific Center), US-China Institute, Freeman Foundation, and Asian Foundation

Information Session: TBA

Application: For more information, please contact Ashley Bonanno at

  • About The Course:

    The 21st century is shaping up to be the “America’s Pacific Century” and the Obama administration has emphasized its “pivot” and “rebalance” to Asia for the last four years.  Having only one and half more years left to go of his term, this is a good time to evaluate President Obama’s rebalancing strategy.  During this period, East Asia has experienced increased tension and volatility. 

    As China’s influence expands and its power display becomes forceful in both South and East China Seas, concerns and expectations for the US role within the region rise.  How has the United States contributed to the regional stability and prosperity in the world under the great power competition?  What can be learned from the last four years of the US foreign policy to the region that could be learned for the next US administration?

    Hence, the aim of the course is to evaluate the post-pivot US policies towards Southeast Asia as the US has strived to maintain stable regional governance in collaboration with the leaders and the governments in Southeast Asia.  The course is co-organized with the Singapore Management University whose students will join all the course activities.  Students will receive first-hand research experience, as the course takes them to Washington DC, Los Angeles and Singapore to interview foreign policy experts for the report.


    For more info, please see the following link: