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Instructions for Readers

Faculty Readers represent their department during the reading of graduate names at the satellite ceremony. They participate in the satellite ceremony procession and are seated on stage. A rehearsal will take place the week of Commencement and attendance is strongly encouraged. Groups 1 and 2 Readers, proceed to satellite ceremony site immediately after the Main Ceremony ends. Groups 3 and 4 Readers, plan to arrive at your ceremony site at 1:30 pm.


Click here to see the Reader Memo from Vice Dean Steve Lamy


Check in at line-up location (indicated on faculty briefings below).


Process onto stage. Group procession diagrams will be available in the spring.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


The presiding USC Dornsife Dean will begin ceremony and introduce first Reader

From the namecard, please read:

  • the student’s first and last names

  • if they have a double major (do NOT read major if same as your dept)


Representatives from the photography company will be standing by to take each card after you have introduced the student.


Introduce the next faculty and department (will be listed on script at podium).


Below are the briefing details pertaining to your specific satellite ceremony.


Group 1 Briefing

Group 2 Briefing

Group 3 Briefing

Group 4 Briefing