Applicants for the Interdisciplinary Major Program must submit:

1.  the application form signed by two faculty members willing to serve on your Guidance Committee;
2.  a copy of your current transcript; and
3.  a 3-4 page proposal explaining the research the research project which will ultimately lead to your Interdisciplinary Thesis

To apply, you must have:

1.  completed 80 units or less towards a degree;
2.  a GPA of 3.0 or better; and
3.  a focused interest in an area of research which falls between two or more existing academic departments.

Applications can be dropped off at the INDS Office (in CAS 200, mc 0153, 213- 740-2961), and must be completed before an interview with the INDS Program Director is arranged.


Proposed Curriculum

On the application form, you will be asked to list eight upper-division (300 or 400 level) courses, in addition to INDS 494 Senior Thesis (4 units), which would make up your Interdisciplinary Major. You should also list any pre-requisites at any level that are necessary to enroll in the courses you have proposed as your program. Please include the department number, and title for each course listed, and star (*) those you have already completed or begun.


Project Summary

Please provide a sentence or two summarizing the essential points of your 3-4 page proposal: what areas will your program combine? Toward what sort of INDS Thesis Project will these lead? Why is an Interdisciplinary Major necessary to address this research interest?